Photo Week #32
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Photo Week #32

Back from Vancouver! It was a fun, eventful trip - I didn't get the chance to attend all the talks I wanted to, and am hoping that I can revisit those talks later... I said that last year and that didn't happen but I will try and hold myself accountable this year. The views from the conference center were great - I feel like this is probably the best location out of the three (supposedly the conference goes between Vancouver, Anaheim, and LA).  

Then, after a week of sleeping in the same room with Junie again, I experienced my first night away from Junie - parents night out at Jeremy and Melissa's wedding!  

Successfully pumped at the conference and at the wedding. Go, me. We have a couple backup formula cans ready to go... my current plan is to try and make it to September, when I'll be away for a whole weekend. I doubt I'll have enough freezer stash to make it through those four days, so maybe that will be the start of the formula transition. Who knows! Trying to go with the flow!

In other Junie updates, she loves her solids and will often giggle to herself while eating. I have to pace out giving her these crackers to buy us more time at dinner - I feel like she knows that there is food on the table that we are eating and not giving to her, which makes her super upset. Currently, we've been giving her purees, but I do want to try giving her non-purees soon so that she can have something to do and maybe eat when we are all at the table. It's been really fun watching her experience new foods and learn about eating but... now there's another portion of stress added to my plate (haha). Is she eating too much solids? Not enough? The right nutrition?

Generally, though, all the things I've read say that as long as she's sleeping and peeing/pooping fine, and generally thriving - we are doing okay. I feel like Junie is thriving just fine. So we are doing okay!!