Photo Week #32
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Photo Week #32

Another long week, and I'd like to think it was because of the happenings of the nation that have made it tiring and that's partly why. I'm again ashamed and tired of my paralysis when it comes to confronting world matters and doing something rather than standing by in silence which according to many people is the same as being complicit. Not that I should feel guilt-tripped into faking anger and becoming a loud #socialjusticewarrior, but I do believe in not voicing opinions on things and situations I don't fully comprehend. I guess the solution would be to learn more and keep my eyes and ears open.

All this to say that it was another long week and I'm glad it's over. Three more days of school and then a little bit of freedom (or at least a little bit more sleep!)

Not a lot of photos taken this week except for random screenshots of memes I thought were funny (and in one case a detective work screenshot that I immediately deleted).

But here is a picture of the bird that lives on top of Jeremiah's door.