Photo Week #31
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Photo Week #31

It’s been a long week.

And this is how I feel about it: unprepared and disgruntled. I went to several photogenic events and places this past week and hopefully will share the photos and thoughts from those events in separate blog posts (if I ever find the energy to blog again)!

I officially deactivated my Instagram this past week and I feel pretty good about it – except I feel good in a self-righteous sort of way, like I have somehow risen above the social media trap and am free of the burden of producing nice photos. Except I guess this is sort of my representation of that and I do feel like I have to pretend like my life is pretty photogenic in these weekly updates. The things that I go to may look pretty, but in reality 90% of the week I’m wearing very practical sneakers and jeans and don’t do photogenic things.

I guess it is nice to document things though.

This past week, I realized that I am not good at accepting change and I am not good at making decisions. My life-changing career decision has to be made soon and although I’ve been reassured by the countless very caring and kind people that I’ve talked to that there are no wrong decisions, I still feel paralyzed by this decision looming in front of me. It seems big, and I don’t know if I’m making too big of a deal of it, but I kind of feel like I am putting the appropriate amount of weight on this decision. It really will be life changing, because there does not seem to be an option to keep things as they currently are.

Can I find another job to be more professionally satisfying than software engineering? I guess time will tell – but I’m impatient and want the answer to that question now.