Photo Week #3
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Photo Week #3

Phew, this seemed like a really long week. I feel like I've spent most of January so far either sick and tired, or very anxious. My manifestation of chill work for last week was half true - I did feel less anxious about work but only because I finally have tangible tasks to accomplish. Which means more work. But less anxiety. So still a win, I guess?

This past week, we successfully weaned Junie off of bottles and formula, woohoo! Another major source of stress for my past week - maybe going cold turkey for both wasn't the easiest, but Junie and Mom and everyone else pushed through and now we're on the other side.

In addition to no more formula and bottles, Junie also went to her first one-star Michelin restaurant and had a taste of caviar. What a bougie baby. I went in to the dining experience with low expectations, and we survived it! Lately as Junie moves away from babyhood and into toddlerhood I am experiencing more anxiety over her potential tantrums and how little I can control... but what I can control will only get less and less as she gets older and older so perhaps learning how to let go of my control freak tendencies now rather than later is a good thing. Baby steps, haha.

Manifesting this joy for work and everything else this week.