Photo Week #27
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Photo Week #27

Every now and then, I like to look back on the previous years posts for the week to see what I was doing in that week. Week 27 is always July 4th week (I think…) and like the last two years, I spent it with my high school friends. No temporary tattoos or sparklers this time, but a lot of good food and fun and laughter which is enough for me!

This past Saturday was Sharon and Daniel’s wedding, the big event of 2018, as Alice called it – it seemed like it would never come, but it did! Starting from Thursday night we all turned into much more giggly versions of ourselves. We tried to tone down the giggly girl group antics but it was basically impossible to. It felt like we had to say goodbye way too soon, but thankfully everyone will be back again in September for another wedding!

The wedding was hot but lovely, from start to finish (oops, there’s a qualifier!) So much thoughtful and loving prayer was poured into this wedding, and it was really an honor to be able to celebrate and rejoice all together!

Cheers to non-threatening Asian women, In-N-Out and eating cake straight from the plate with forks, jumpsuits and washing underwear before you wear it.