Photo Week #25
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Photo Week #25

After recovering from the crazy whirlwind weekend of last week, I spent this week meeting up for meals with friends, working more on side projects, and discovering that I think I prefer wine to beer now.

On a whim, I decided to bake cookies this past week – okay, I was procrastinating and I didn’t want to do work so I decided to bake. It was also an attempt to use up the jars and jars (this is not an exaggeration) of leftover strawberry jam that I currently have in my freezer. I will hopefully write a post more about it later but here is a teaser photo! I also went to Round 1 on Friday, which was described to me as a Japanese Dave & Busters. My verdict is that it’s equally as fun as Dave & Busters except it felt cleaner and it was also a lot closer to me so that’s a win for Round 1.

On Sunday, my friends planned a fun wine tasting trip up in Sonoma. We started the day at Beauty’s Bagel in Oakland where I finally got to try their shaksuka – yum! Our first vineyard was at Benziger Family winery where we learned about biodynamic wine making and that wine barrels are either from America, France, or a third place that I can’t remember now. It also costs a lot of money and time to grow grapes for wine. There goes my dream of becoming a winemaker.

After Benziger, we went to their sister winery, Imagery Winery for a really quick tasting because we got a 2 for 1 deal from Benziger and how could we pass it up? We had to make a reservation at the next place though – which was my favorite of the day!

The next stop was Scribe Winery, where the wine tasting also came with a light lunch. I didn’t enjoy the wine as much as I had the previous two places (although maybe it’s because.. it was also the third stop of the day) but the food was really delicious and the place was so beautiful.

Our final stop of the day was at Cline Winery, where I did not take any photos so please enjoy these last two photos taken on Alex’s iPhone X. Portrait mode is great!