Photo Week #24
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Photo Week #24

I am proud of our Fathers Day bagel spread - if there's one thing I appreciate about my friends, it's that as we are able to pull together great food spreads for parties. Makes me excited for my yet-to-be-planned picnic birthday party and Fourth of July. I guess we've had lots of practice over the last however many years we've been having parties, but it is still very satisfying to see everything come together (and even more satisfying when we have just a handful of leftovers at the end, meaning we picked the perfect amount of food!)

My general thoughts when planning food (nothing ground breaking or TikTok advice worthy haha):

  • Have a theme - makes it easier to think of mains, sides, drinks, etc
  • Know what you can buy versus what you'd have to make (and don't be ashamed of getting the store-bought one)
  • Plating things goes a long way in making things look more appealing and appetizing
  • Know your audience

Anyways, it was a good time. And now it is time to try and write a list of everything I have to do for work and non-work so I can start checking things off the list and not drop the ball on anything...