Photo Week #22
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Photo Week #22

Not sure if I was just tired from getting back from vacation, but this past week had me feeling very nostalgic for some reason. I was nostalgic about high school, about college, about old times at work… today I had dinner with a few friends in downtown Berkeley and I drove back the old way to get to the freeway – up Dwight, through Claremont, over the hill… it reminded me of a lot of good times and confusing times.

Anyways, I did not take a lot of photos this past week so here is one photo, some tidbits of Snapchats, and a screenshot instead.

We celebrated a birthday this past weekend at a surprise bocce ball party at the same park that we took our high school senior ball photos at, which also added to my nostalgic feelings of the week. Then, I was in high stress mode for the first half of the Warriors-Cavs game, so I strategically placed myself where my known stress-eating habits would not be too terrible for me. Set myself up for success right? Or at the very least, not too much failure.

A really dumb pet peeve of mine is when ESPN shows really pointless bar graphs where one of the bars is equivalent to 0. So I was happy when they finally showed a bar graph that makes sense as a bar graph – even though the stat is not very indicative of anything because it is basically the difference of Lebron guarding Harrison Barnes and Lebron guarding Kevin Durant.