Photo Week #21
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Photo Week #21

Whoops, definitely meant to try and post this yesterday but the long weekend day threw me off – and so hello, Wednesday, and hello, June! This year has been zooming past and we’re already past one-third of these weekly posts! I’ve been meaning to try and write other posts during the week as well, but have not had the creativity to come up with what I want to write (or the time to sit down and try and write something, no matter what) but hopefully June and July (which are actually a little less busy than I thought) will be a good time for that.

Here are a lot of photos, coming up, though – from a very needed, very relaxing vacation in Maui, where I went without a beach bod and left without a beach bod. No regrets.

I was already so blown away and in awe of the beautiful scenery the first day that we got to Maui. The water was so clear and all the flowers were so pretty!


We watched the sunset on the beach the first night, along with many other couples. Hawaii is a place for couples.

The next morning we woke up early (as in… 2am early. Thank goodness for jetlag) to catch the sunrise at Haleakala National Park. Very cold, but worth it. 

We went on a short hike (very, very short) afterwards and stayed in the clouds.

The next day we drove on the Road to Hana! This was my favorite activity. Our first stop was a muddy trail to a series of waterfalls and swimming ponds, where I braved the rope swing and but still couldn’t help myself from screaming when I dropped into the water.


We also saw black beach sands and red beach sands, and marveled at how the water could be so many different shades of brilliant blues. And so clear, too! Like sapphires, or jade, or blue Gatorade.

The second half of the Road to Hana was an adventure as well – the roads were so skinny and windy that it was crazy to think that it was meant to be a two-way road! There were residents who drove past us coming the opposite way zooming by, which was pretty scary.

The next day was our sit-and-relax-at-the-beach day, which was probably my second favorite day. We went to the Ka’anapali Beach, which is surrounded by hotels and condos, so of course the sand was perfectly soft and the water amazingly blue.

A sampling of the food that we ate – from Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop, Mama’s Fish House, and Kihei Caffe. 

More beautiful oceans and views, while visiting the Nakalele blow hole.

I miss Hawaii already – but it is nice to come back to the comforts and familiarity of my own home  – especially my own nice, firm bed! The one thing I will never feel 100% comfortable with is someone else’s bed (or even a hotel bed). I wonder if I will ever get over this…