Photo Week #19
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Photo Week #19

This past Friday, I had the opportunity to eat at In Situ, the restaurant attached to SF MoMA! The dishes are replicas of famous dishes in restaurants around the world, which meant we got to try some pretty interesting flavors. 

From left to right, a wasabi lobster roll, chicken thighs and an onsen egg, a mushroom quinoa risotta and moss (the moss was the weirdest part) and a hazelnut cheesecake. The cheesecake was so much like brie – creamy and savory, and the hazelnut covering added a really nice sweetness. I think the lobster was my favorite, but everything was really tasty. I actually had another fine dining experience this week at Mr. Pollo – a really unique experience in a very small, 12 person capacity restaurant. My brother and I sat at the chef’s counter and got to try horseradish vodka, which is exactly what it sounds like, and some more free wine and Lillet. Whew!

I lied a few weeks ago – this past weekend I found myself at another baseball game! It was a lot of fun, although I think I’ve now hit my threshold for how much I will enjoy baseball in the future. I like going to games and an entire game can interest me, but I don’t want to put in effort to learn about players and teams, haha. I did buy an A’s hat recently though so I will still cheer for the A’s (although Giants games and the stadium are a lot nicer, haha)!

The best part about the Warriors-Spurs game this past weekend was seeing Steph Curry rocking the AHAM hat in the post game interviews. The game itself was not so great…