Photo Week #18
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Photo Week #18

After such an eventful week with lots of photo taking, I only took one photo this past week that is suitable for this Photo Week challenge. The rest are all selfies of me trying on different dresses (many, many selfies) that will stay in my phone and not on this blog.

We went to Anthropologie this past weekend to compare the color of said bridesmaid dresses to actual wedding dress and ran into a vendor and registry pop up that was being held at the store! Cue entering many raffles and taking photo booth pictures – the only time I’ve won something through a giveaway or a raffle was when I unknowingly was entered into the Pixar raffle for the Creativity, Inc. book after attending the New York Philharmonic performance of Pixar music. Which was cool and all, but I’ve never won something I actually entered.

This prompted me to re-download Instagram (in case I actually win one of the giveaways and get contacted through Instagram messenger) and in the two short days that I’ve had the app back on my phone I already feel uncomfortable having it back. Although deleting the app itself didn’t stop me from checking Instagram and checking accounts of dancers that I envy (which was why I deleted the app to begin with) – it did make it harder, which was good for me. I was scrolling through my own posts last night and I started to remember all the hope I had back when I lived in New York (and the hopelessness) and it didn’t make me feel that great. I wonder if I will ever be able to look back at that time and not feel regret. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to tell someone proudly that yes, I did move to New York for a year and no, it did not work out.

Anyways, having Instagram back is not that great and I think I’ll probably delete it again after I find out whether or not I’ve won. Haha. I will forego being able to make cute boomerangs for a little bit more emotional stability.