Photo Week #17
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Photo Week #17

Notes from a weekend away in New York:

  • Ate a lot. Didn't walk a lot, because of rain (boo) but enjoyed all the new restaurants we tried! And the coffee shops, too - had some really great coffee, which just emphasizes to me the difference between fresh beans and grocery store bean, haha. Will try and get fresher beans in the future.  
  • Wore jeans for the whole weekend for the first time in a very long time, and really missed my stretchy pants by day 2. But I was pleased with my outfits for the most part! Yay for trying!
  • Didn't really make any plans except for seeing friends, but did get to see The Book of Mormon! That was fun and spontaneous. I was mildly impressed by the performers - I feel like the last few musicals I've watched have not impressed me with the singing. Maybe it's just been a while. Or maybe it's the difference between the Broadway cast and the national tour casts.
  • Made it to Central Park on our last day, which was the only day it did not rain, and was pleased that I remembered the normal route I would take going through the park and the normal spots I woulod visit.
  • In general, I was happy that I was able to navigate us around the city fairly easily (except for a last day mishap where the express E turned into a local E and we were slightly delayed heading to the airport...)
  • Also happy that we decided to not bring Junie (and thank you to Mom who took her the whole weekend!) - it would have been so hard to bring her around with the rain, and managing her in the cramped restaurants, and worrying about her naps and what she ate... yeah. Maybe one day we'll bring her to New York - hopefully on a weekend with better weather.

I had moments where I thought it would be nice to live here again... I think it would be possible, but I highly doubt it will ever happen. I mean, we're not even considering moving to Irvine, so I don't think moving to New York is on the table either, haha. It's okay - New York is a great place to visit, and I'll just be looking forward to the next time we can visit again!