Photo Week #16
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Photo Week #16

It’s weird how fast life can go back to normal, everyday life – it’s weird thinking that just one week ago, I was in Taiwan on vacation and now I’m immersed in all the stuff going on here, right now.

Happy was as incorrigible as ever this week – well, maybe not, since we realized that he actually knows the command “wait”! So he won’t go right for the food if you tell him to wait! But here he is again, staring longingly at a table that had a pizza box on it – and no one sitting at the table to feed him.


The graphic designer at my company drew these incredible sketches. Guess who!


I saw this window display as I was walking in SF the other day – inspiration for later… as you will soon see!


This past Saturday I helped to host a bridal shower for the first time. Thankfully, I did not have to do it alone – my mom helped me to put together these cute individual flower pots as favors and Stacy helped me write out the names!


Stacy also helped me put together the tissue paper flower photo wall – we watched Legally Blonde, High School Musical 1, and High School Musical 2 while making the tissue paper flowers, so the time went by quickly. We ended up making several different kinds and mixing and matching the colors, and I think they turned out really well! Maybe in a different blog post I’ll link to some of the helpful sites and tutorials that I looked up to make the different types of flowers, and the things I learned while putting together the backdrop.


Stacy preparing each flower to go up onto the white table cloth we had taped up to cover the staircase railings. In hindsight, we should have taped them to the table cloth first and then put it on the stairs – we didn’t realize how heavy the flowers would be and had to keep taping the table cloth as we went along to hold everything up!


I made her stand in front of it so that I could test how to frame the photos – and also to test out the flower crown we made! So much Pinterest going on in one photo.


The bridal shower turned out to be a lot of fun, and I’m glad that the guests enjoyed themselves! It helps that everyone was so helpful in cleaning up, being cooperative with the games, and mingling (the thing I’m the worst at). One bridal shower down, many more to go…?