Photo Week #15
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Photo Week #15

This past week, I ventured out on MUNI to Noe Valley to attend a book signing event. It was wonderful and attended by hip SF people and I left thinking that San Francisco can be pretty great sometimes.

The book is Where Cooking Begins by Carla Lalli Music and the premise is that learning simple cooking techniques can make any recipe adaptable to anything you pick up at the market. It goes along with my goal of going to the farmers’ market more; I can’t rely on the farmers’ market having exactly what I need to cook but I can always rely on there being something fresh and in season and fun. It makes me excited to cook and be adventurous in spinning off recipes, which is also sort of what I was trying to do with last year’s Chinese cooking recipes. Maybe I should have told Carla about my blog. Instead I blabbed on about how it was surreal to see her in person because I normally just listen to her voice on the podcast, and how I hear her voice reading out the recipes to me. I probably sounded like a crazy person.

The NBA playoffs have begun, which means a lot of streaming games while eating meals. After helping out with a church volunteer event in the morning, we went to the Westbrae Biergarten for Brazil Cafe and the Nets-Sixers game. It also felt very cool and hip, joined by lots of young couples with their kids living that Oakland life.

And then I went home to the suburbs and reflected on how I was able to run so many errands during the week and drive to so many places so easily and remembered that I like being home in the suburbs too.

And here is your semi-regular update on the flowers growing in my backyard.