Photo Week #14
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Photo Week #14

We had one (1) rough night of sleep this past week, but somehow it felt worse to have one rough night after a string of good nights. It feels like when there are good nights, I've figured out the magic password, the secret code, the solution - and that going forward if I just apply this formula, then things will go smoothly.

But this is completely unrealistic (as I am now seeing on the other side of a decent night of sleep haha). My expectations are too high.. as in I am expecting perfection. I already know I put too high standards on myself, but more and more I'm realizing that I'm projecting this standard onto other people which is also unfair. To myself and them.

I told Jeremiah I needed to figure out a new mantra because "this too shall pass" isn't entirely relevant anymore. Like during the newborn/infant phase when there was what seemed like endless feedings and naps and diapers to change - that did pass. But the one-off bad nights? Maybe that won't necessarily pass. Or at least if it does, not for a while...

So I'm trying out "it happens to the best of us." As in - the best of us also go through bad nights of sleep (Junie). The best of us also get cranky when things don't go our way (me). The best of us also get hangry (Junie, but also me).

Anyways, we also had a nice bit of time where Junie played while Jer and I watched basketball and I laid on the couch -we're lucky she is pretty good at independent play! And we got to see a lot of friends this weekend and the weather has been SO nice. So all in all, it was a good weekend. I'm proud of myself for the emotional growth I am showing and proud of Junie for constantly learning so much every single day.

Happy Monday, everyone.