Photo Week #11
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Photo Week #11

Today’s post is brought to you by how little I care about how I look nowadays.

Exhibit A: My rogue baby hairs. Exhibit B: Going out in sweatpants in an all-gray ensemble. At least I am wearing tennis shoes, and not my slip-on mules that I often wear with socks when we’re just heading over to the Wons’ house.

I recently bought a small ring light that clips onto my phone, so that I can try and take better photos for @friendswithkitchens, but I’m not sure if I like the effect. (These photos are VSCO-edited.) I don’t have my own shadow in the photo anymore, which is good, but it still looks off somehow…

This ramen was so good. It was a loooooooong cook and the cleanup afterwards was brutal, but totally worth it.