Photo Week #10
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Photo Week #10

Happy day-after-pi day! In an attempt to produce content, I tried to make blueberry hand pies.

I dropped them on the floor. Well, a little less than half of them. After I had topped half of the dough with the blueberry filling, I thought it would be easier if I transferred those halves to the baking pan first rather than transfer them after I put the top on… so I balanced the baking sheet between my stomach and the edge of the counter (thinking back this sounds so stupid…) and then when I had transferred a few, the pan slipped and fell.

But the five I did have left (after upgrading some of the original top pieces to become bottom pieces) turned out great! Flaky dough with visible layers, and the filling turned out alright. The blueberries I got were not good at all, so it’s probably good that I used them for a filling (aka, hide their horribleness with sugar).

ANYWAYS. Content is hard to produce. Have a great week!