Photo Week #11
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Photo Week #11

Today’s photo week is brought to you by Pi Day and spring weather.

According to NBC news, the California drought is officially over! The rain has been unrelenting the last few weeks and I’m happy that the drought is over. Another plus was seeing more flowers pop up in my garden! To be honest I’m not exactly sure what kind of flower this is – I think they’re ranunculuses but I know I planted two types of flowers… it is still TBD whether the other flowers will grow, but now that I know my strip of garden doesn’t get much sun, I can plan ahead and plant flowers that I know will do better in shade! I always feel better when the weather gets better (although the rain is supposed to return next week again) and already looking forward to wearing shoes that don’t require socks and tank tops.

I decided to make a pie for Pi Day, but unfortunately I haven’t had a lot of people over that will help me eat this pie so I still have about 3/4 of the pie left. It is a “banoffee” pie and I picked this recipe because it said “no bake” and sounded really easy. And it was.

March is almost over – looking forward to my Spring Break next week – hoping that I will have the energy to upload and post about Italy next week during Spring Break!