Photo Week #10
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Photo Week #10

Hello! How’s your social distancing and self-quarantine life? I didn’t realize how much could happen in one week, but so much has happened. Oddly, I don’t feel super panicked, even though I normally am a worrier. Maybe because there is just so much that is out of my hands – except that I can do my part and wash my hands and stay inside and alone as much as possible.

This past week, we actually saw friends and went out quite a bit – which is something that I feel a little bit guilty for, now that we’re in lockdown. But it is what it is and I am glad that I got to spend time with friends.

These desserts are from U:Dessert Story in Berkeley – a matcha crepe cake and a hojicha shaved ice.

We also met up for our second book club meeting (discussing Patsy and Beautiful Boy) and had a Fakesgiving, à la the Coveys.

I made a Molly Yeh hotdish recipe and we still have so many leftovers… I guess that is what I will be eating during this first week of sheltering! I guess a silver lining is that this is not a blizzard or a hurricane and that the grocery stores will still be able to get produce and food delivered. I don’t feel an immediate need to stock up on food, but maybe in a week that will change as well.

Since I’ve got a job now (although now maybe my start date will be pushed back… hmm…) I feel no need to do anything job-related or productive during these times. I’m grateful I got the job before all this started – and now that I’m not trying to apply anymore, I’ve been spending a lot of time on and If you like crosswords or logic puzzles, you’re welcome! Have fun. There’s only so much TV to watch.

Wishing good health and hygiene for everyone – and for enough entertainment so you don’t go crazy at home!