On The Edge
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On The Edge

Post-vacation blues are a very real thing. 

Sitting on the edge of a cliff, at the southern-most point of the United States was oddly exhilarating despite the fact that Jeremiah kept holding me back and saying I should be put on a leash like a small child. (This picture was taken after much resistance)

I had more thoughts about sitting here, about the edge, abstract thoughts, that came after I came back home – thoughts I would have liked to write down here and share but alas, life gets in the way and I’ve been a bit busy (like always). 

Thoughts like: growing up, taking chances, taking risks, slowing down and living life. Cliche? Maybe, but important to think about anyways. 

Anyways, when the Warriors are two games away from the NBA championship, there are other less important things stressing me out so its hard to sift what’s important from what’s not.

I guess this is another sign that I am not very mature yet but – sports!