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Happy November! Now that Halloween is past, it is now officially time to start dreaming about Christmas… And being pleasantly surprised when thanksgiving comes in the middle. Of course, holiday season started about two weeks ago at Paper Source when we received holiday shipment, but now I am fully ready to meet the holidays face to face. Bring it on, Christmas card making and present giving!

I checked off everything on my October checklist, except for read East of Eden… I still have not found it at the library. I did read a different Steinbeck book but it was weird and I don’t think I liked it that much. Currently I’m in an Austen phase but I feel like I’m getting tired of all her characters and the way that they talk for paragraphs and paragraphs on end. And they’re all obsessed with marriage.

I also didn’t really make soup, but I did make kimchi jjigae! I didn’t have any of the Korean paste though so it didn’t taste very Korean, and I also didn’t have chicken stock so I just used water, but otherwise it came out more soup-y than I expected. Soup still seems magical to me.

I am a terrible person at uploading photos, so most of my adventures have been documented but not processed – except for the few instagrams that I have deemed worthy of uploading. It’s hard when you have friends that are so good at photography that it scares you away from practicing and getting better. Eventually, though, I will bring my camera to Central Park and use it instead of my iPhone to capture pictures of the pretty fall leaves – even though VSCO cam’s filters make everything look pretty. Yay for iPhone apps…!

The coming of November also means I can start counting down the days until I go home again! I’m looking forward to going home, even if it’s only for a few days. If I look at the time left in terms of weeks and weekends I think it will go by pretty quickly – this weekend Jeremiah is coming, next weekend Nathan is coming, one free weekend, and then home! Plus, intensive Nutcracker rehearsals are supposed to start after the weekend Nathan comes, so that will give me a whole bunch of other stuff to think about and occupy myself with.

It is also getting colder. A lot colder. And that is all I will say for now.