Countdown to California
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Countdown to California

Just one more week and I will be back on the west coast, the best coast – and I will be happily anticipating stuffing my face full of ham, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, (and other various Chinese dishes) as well as spinach soup, homemade punch, deviled eggs and chocolate covered raisins. I can list these delectable food items with authority and certainty because every Thanksgiving, we always go over to the Grays’ house for lunch. Always. I can’t remember a year where we didn’t – and for some reason it’s also accompanied with my mother not going because she has to stay behind and cook. Hmm.

But we always bring along the ham.

This year, the crowd will look a little different – a few subtractions and a few additions here and there – and it will feel different. It’ll be my first time returning home after such a long period of time and I wonder how I will feel. I’m definitely excited to go home. I’m starting to enjoy living in New York more and more, that’s for sure (cold and all! I’ve learned the value of coats, scarves, and hats. Even with my small head. I’ve decided the best way to pull off a beanie on my small head is just to wear it and not care what I look like, and exude confidence in the odd picture I must make.) But I am looking forward to many, many different things that make California different from New York. Driving, for one. Also In N Out (YES.)

The biggest thing I am looking forward is the chance to let down my guard completely, without worrying about taking care of myself, letting myself be utterly and completely relaxed. Not that I don’t have the chance to relax here, but it’s one thing to be relaxed by yourself as in watching a movie or drinking hot chocolate on the couch, but it’s another thing to be completely relaxed in the company of others and not worry about the impression you are making on them. I look forward to good company.

Currently I have granola bars baking in the oven and they smell good. Hopefully they turn out as tasty! If I’ve learned anything while being in New York, it’s that I’m not as bad of a cook as I thought I was..! Hooray for learning life skills.