February Favorites
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February Favorites

Wow, it’s March already. Oh no, where is the time going? I was lying in bed one night after drinking two cups of coffee in the afternoon (I must work on fixing my sleep schedule again) and thinking about how far I’ve come since middle school and high school. I was wondering… would I go back to those times again? My answer, in my head, was “no, because I’m happy with where I’m now…” but then (because it was 2am, and of course my brain doesn’t do me any favors at 2am), my next thought, “but wait, am I?”

I know that a lot of people my age don’t really know what they are doing in life. But when I do think about the close friends around me, it does seem like they sort of know what they’re doing. At least they are all on some sort of path, even if it’s a foggy cloudy path ahead. Why, if I am more than halfway to age 27, do I not even know what I want? I am in grad school, so I guess that is a kind of path. But sometimes, it feels more like a detour.

Anyways. It’s March! Hello, March! To be honest, it was hard to find five things that were my “favorites” during this past month. I took notes during the first half of the month of things I might want to write about and only came up with.. three. So much for taking notes.

  • Dave & Busters
    Before Stacy left, we all took a trip to Dave & Busters since she had never gone before. Good thing, because I had never gone before either! It was definitely more fun than I expected it to be, although a lot of the fun I had probably had to do with the company I was with.
  • California good weather
    I wish this good weather would come back! Earlier this month, the weather was so nice and sunny – it reminded me that we are really all spoiled by California weather and I don’t know why anyone moves away from here.
  • Asian American pride
    I can’t say that I normally have a lot of American pride, but since it was the Olympics, my “USA! USA! USA!” mentality came out and I’m glad that there were a lot more Asian faces representing America during this past Olympics because we are American too! Although, I do have to say, my true heroes of the Olympics were the women’s hockey team and the men’s curling team. I could watch Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson fake out the Canadian goalie all day.
  • House of Strauss podcast
    I listen to a lot of sports podcasts (mostly all sports podcasts) and although this is sort of a sports podcast, this past episode was one that I really appreciated because it was a sports and politics podcast. I am trying to keep my eyes and ears open, and not scroll so quickly away when confronted with political things, and this podcast was a really interesting conversation to listen to.
  • Being a suburban queen
    Okay, so deep down, I’m not so proud of being a suburban queen. Sometimes I feel like I’m living the life of someone who is 10 years older and is a stay at home mom, which is something that I do not want to be. But, sometimes it’s nice to be able to take advantage of the conveniences of the suburbs, like not having to deal with public transportation (although I do appreciate a good and efficient public transportation system) and being able to drive during non-traffic times to spend time at home.

March’s cheesy inspirational saying is: Be the best version of yourself. Hopefully this is someone who knows what she wants and has good skin. And doesn’t eat too many potato chips.