Photo Weeks #46 and #47
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Photo Weeks #46 and #47

Yay, first week of work is done and now I have two more weeks before flying off to Taiwan, haha. How much will I actually get done during this time? Probably very little.

We all survived our first road trip to LA - it was definitely very tiring but I am proud of Junie for adapting and sitting well in her car seat. Except for the time when she pooped and we were stuck in traffic and I very unsafely changed her diaper in backseat of the car. That was EXTREMELY STRESSFUL.

Here are just some random snaps from our time in LA, including Junie being very cute with the Vans that I was really wanted to buy for her but thinking practically, slip on shoes are not great for toddlers.

And consider this fun family photo our holiday card to you all! Yay holidays!