Thursday Blues On My Tongue
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Thursday Blues On My Tongue

Since I took last Monday off for Martin Luther King Day and took Friday off to head to the young adult retreat at Yosemite (which, by the way, was absolutely gorgeous and deserves its own post), this week has felt incredibly long. I will try to never do it again – go from a glorious three day week to a full five day week, especially after spending the last two weekends immersed in nature and good company.

I got to bed late last night – 12:30am, which seems so late to me now. I can’t believe I used to have 10-11:30pm dance practices – we used to joke that 10pm was our crazy time and having practices that late brought out all our delirious states. Now, 7pm is when the deliriousness comes out…

This is the story of the Thursday following that late bedtime.

I woke up in the middle of the night, panicked thinking I forgot to take out my contacts, and consequently poked myself in the eye to make sure I did. I had, in fact, taken out my contacts and went back to sleep with a slightly sore eye.

I woke up again when my mom came into my room to wake me up because I had forgotten to set my alarm last night – which I was absolutely sure I had done…

Somehow I managed to still be the first person in the office this morning, which has become rather empty since the rest of the tenants on the floor have all been moving out (since the company that owns the floor that all us startups work on lost their lease, so we all have been forced to move) – so I had to make awkward conversation with the lady who works at the startup next to ours. I don’t know how to end conversations gracefully.

Things dragged on uneventfully throughout the morning, until the afternoon when I finally left the office to get food, to meet my brother who happened to be in San Francisco visiting and meeting up with a few of his tech friends and wanted me to come out to meet them as well. Originally, the meet time had been earlier but it got pushed back later and later and I kept on waiting.. until I finally just had to eat. As I was scarfing down food and making a mess, I saw and awkwardly waved and said hi to someone I kind of know but not really, who always makes me feel intimidated because her fashion is on point. My fashion today was not on point. I had a spot on my shirt. I was wearing my Nike frees. I also had my hair braided in a crazy ponytail thing that was intended to keep hair out of my face and disguising the fact that I had sleepily braided my hair after washing it last night wanting it to look wavy but it just looked like worms.

I finished the rest of my food very fast and scurried away.

Also my tongue was blue because I had just eaten a blue jolly rancher.

But! Then I had a really good latte at the cafe my brother and his friends were at, and I got to go home a little bit early and go to ballet class, and I managed to be in my pointe shoes for half the class and not hurt myself or want to cry!

And the sun was shining, and the weather was nice, and it wasn’t dark when I went home.

So all in all, I guess this was a pretty decent Thursday. I know I can be a drama queen sometimes (who isn’t?) but I need to remember that there are always little victories. Like, for instance, I figured out that my hair is long enough to braid now and that is fun! I currently have my hair braided and pinned up across my head because, you know, milkmaid braids are all the rage now.

TGI(almost)F, everyone!