Quarantine Cooking, Part 2
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Quarantine Cooking, Part 2

I realized last night while eating dinner that this week I was adventurous and tried a bunch of new recipes! I definitely have some recipes in constant rotation because they are a) easy and b) okay, mostly just easy. These are based on the proteins I always stock up on – ground pork, chicken thighs (alternating between skin-on, bone-in and skinless and boneless), pork chops or loins, and pork belly.

Anyways, here are the recipes that I tried this past week, to great success!

  • Best Asian Food Recipe At Home.” Okay, this one wasn’t a “new” recipe, but I did try using chicken tenderloin instead of chicken thighs and I feel like it didn’t work as well. The texture wasn’t what I wanted but the taste worked well. I added white pepper instead of black pepper.
  • San Tung Imitation Wings. I think this may be PMS, but I’ve been craving extra sweet and extra salty things this past week. (Also probably stress). These were a perfect combination of both. I read this Serious Eats article about baking powder on wings to figure out why, but am wondering now if cornstarch on wings does the same thing. Anyways, my marinade was a lot (A LOT) darker than what the blog post shows, but maybe that’s because my dark soy sauce is… really really dark?! Not sure.
  • Asian Pork Chops. This!! Was so easy and only one pan (including sautéing some green beans in the same pan afterwards) and will definitely be added to the rotation. I feel like it was a mix between a salt and pepper pork chop (which Woks of Life also have a recipe for but I’m still working my way to deep frying at home) and a seared pork chop. Also I feel like because I used a boneless pork chop, it was a pretty light option for dinner? Not sure where pork chops land on the calorie scale.
  • Unagi-Don. Rounding out this week with the easiest recipe ever because I just bought a pre-broiled eel (and after opening the package, it looks like it was already marinated) and popped it into the oven for 5 minutes. A bad part was that there were lots of little bones but I just chewed carefully and it was fine.

And now tonight, we’re getting takeout. Happy Friday, everyone!