Portland 2017
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Portland 2017

The first time I went to Portland, I only stayed for a day and a half, so I was looking forward to visiting again and being able to see the more nature-y side of Portland! What I liked the best was that the city felt very small and accessible (at least with a car) and it seemed like there was good food and coffee and snacks everywhere. Maybe too much. One of the biggest ways I feel myself getting older is when I eat too much rich food and have a stomachache afterwards.

We had many restaurant recommendations and they were all very good! Food highlights included: Tasty & Sons, Screen Door (although the portion sizes here are way too big) and Little Bird Bistro (not pictured). I also liked the donuts more than the chai at Pips Donuts, although it was cool that you could get a flight of chai! We weren’t able to get donuts at Blue Star Donuts unfortunately – but I’m not too sad about not getting Voodoo Doughnuts. The last time I was there, I remember they were just alright. There were also breweries everywhere! The one we ended up stopping in – Backpedal Brewery – was one of like, five we saw on the same block. This one happened to be less crowded, and they also had board games! A plus in my book.

We did the hike up to Multnomah Falls on the one day of our trip that it sort of rained – which I guess added to the Portland experience. The view was amazing though, and the fog that we saw rolling through the mountainside only added to the mystic beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

We also saw a really, really, big fish.

I could see myself living in Portland – although I think I would miss the California sunshine. Being surrounded by trees would be very nice and all, but having to deal with wet shoes all the time would drive me crazy…