Photo Weeks #40 and #41
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Photo Weeks #40 and #41

Oops, hello there! I was definitely planning to write this post last night, starting with some statement about “hi, I just finished my first day of full time work and…” but then I fell asleep at roughly 8:30pm. That statement is still true, but now I am also soon to be starting my second day of full time work.

Work has been fine, although part of the reason I fell asleep so early was that I had a really bad headache – maybe from staring at my screen so much or maybe bad ergonomics?? Any tips and suggestions for not getting headaches would be great! These headaches started the night we got back from Monterey (pictures to follow) after I had been hunched over my computer trying to finish up the nonprofit animations I’ve been doing this summer (mad dash to finish before I started work – and happy to say I succeeded in this).

So yeah, Monterey! We decided (sort of spontaneously) to go on a trip to Monterey with James and Justine and enjoyed a few short days with excellent weather and great ocean views.

Also our refrigerator broke the day we were leaving – which was incredibly inconvenient. Actually it probably was broken the days before and I only noticed that it had stopped cooling the day we were leaving. But, so grateful for my mom for coming up to take all our food away, and for bringing us several meals in between. Yesterday as I finished work all I could think was, so glad I don’t have to cook right now.

She also brought us beautiful flowers! As an early wedding anniversary present and a first day of work present. Just as beautiful as the wedding flowers were.

Anyways, time to make some coffee and eggs (which thankfully fit into the small fridge that James and Justine are loaning us for the time being) and get to work!