Photo Weeks #14, #15, #16
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Photo Weeks #14, #15, #16

Somehow we're in the last week of April... I feel like the last couple of Mondays, I've half heartedly tried to find the motivation to write, and could not find the motivation. And it's not like things didn't happen! In fact I did a lot of fun things! But there was a combo of:

a) I didn't take a lot of pictures
b) I wanted to respect privacy of people who may not know that they're getting written about on this blog (even if it's all positive things!)
c) Laziness

I know that I do appreciate these Photo Week posts when I look back on them, since I forget so easily and it's fun to look back at what I was doing or what I was thinking about at a certain point in time. But there is also a part of me that is worried about this digital footprint I am leaving. I could print out these photos, and do physical scrapbooking - but then there's so much stuff to move around from place to place. I already have piles of old journals that I don't think I could ever bring myself to throw away. Anyways. I guess I will be constantly evaluating how much I feel comfortable with sharing...