Photo Week #7
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Photo Week #7

This past week, I had a temporary roommate move in with me and it was a sadly undocumented but super fun week with Stacy. I saw her say goodbye to like five different people and we ate out a lot. I also got to share with her one of my favorite pastimes which is winding down before going to sleep by watching TV – this week my nightly ESPN Sportscenter was replaced by the Olympics, and we learned that USA is not that great at winter sports except for snowboarding. (Yes, I know that I am probably your only friend that watches Sportscenter and judging by the commercials, I am definitely not the target audience.)

Then we went to Petaluma for the weekend for Sharon’s bachelorette weekend! I personally did not take a lot of photos of the places we ate at or the small cabin we stayed at, but overall it was a fun, peaceful yet eventful, celebratory weekend that was a good way to spend time with some great friends. Petaluma and Sonoma don’t have much of a nightlife – it seemed like most things were closed after 8 or 9pm when we were walking around after dinner – but that was perfectly fine for a weekend like this. For the record, a few of the places we ate at: Speakeasy (Petaluma), Acre Coffee (Petaluma), The Girl & the Fig (Sonoma), and Pyeongchang Tofu House (Oakland).

We went to a cheese making tour at Achadinha Cheese Farm, which is a small family owned and operated cheese farm in Petaluma. We got to see how the cheese started from curds (which we then got to take home! Hopefully mine do not get the wrong kind of bacteria…) and then get aged to become big wheels of cheese. We also got to pet baby cows and goats and hear the history of the farm straight from the woman who runs almost all of it – I would highly recommend this tour!

The next day, we did a hike to Carson Falls which unfortunately did not have a lot of water. The hike was colder than we expected, but it was a good way to finish up the weekend! It was a quiet hike with not a lot of other people on the trail, so it was very peaceful.

This is Stacy on the trail to leave us in California. Goodbye forever.

Just kidding! (About the goodbye forever part. You better come back.) I will miss this most photogenic and down friend of mine a lot as she flies away to New York tonight. Stacy, you better update your blog every week – I will be actively watching for updates!