Photo Week #6
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Photo Week #6

A successful launch last week commemorated by pins! 

And then it was off to New Orleans! I really enjoyed my time there – the food was good, the weather was good, and I learned a lot – from the conference panels to visiting my friend’s classroom, I’m grateful that I got the opportunity to come to New Orleans!

On one of my mornings I got the chance to run along the Mississippi River, which was colder than I expected but also a lot prettier than I expected. We also went to a park by the Bayou St. John that reminded me of the Disneyland decorations. 

Beignets! So yummy. We tried two different locations – Café du Monde and Morning Call. I personally preferred Morning Call because I could actually taste the beignets without the mounds of powdered sugar covering them…

I didn’t realize that there would be Mardi Gras parades already! We waited for over an hour to see the first parade of the season and it was everything I expected in a Mardi Gras parade – loud and crazy. 

I shared this with my CEO and his wife. It tasted like liquid sweet tarts. 

I would definitely want to go back again! I think there’s more food to try and more places to see – but maybe not during Mardi Gras season…