Photo Week #50
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Photo Week #50

This is a story of a Pokémon and a couch. One night, Jeremiah and I get a very cryptic text from Justine – “Can we ask you guys to come over? Lol we also have a weird problem to solve. Most likely not solveable but figured we’d ask you guys thoughts before we give up” Having been briefed by James that morning, I had an idea that the “not solveable” problem was the problem of the missing Piplup figurine that Oliver had gotten as part of his Pokémon advent calendar… and I was right! The Piplup was stuck in the couch – they had even cut a slit in the bottom fabric of the couch but it was stuck in the internal part of the side cushion.

Thus began an hour of moving the couch, flipping the couch, rotating the couch, and listening for the rattle of the Piplup dropping from one corner of the couch to the other. It was probably about 40 minutes in when it was decided that at this point we were doing this more for us than for Oliver.

Finally it got to the point where we could each touch the Piplup inside the couch but none of us could get a good grip on it before it would slide back into the corner. And just when things seemed to be hopeless…

WE GOT THE PIPLUP OUT!!! A lot of things have happened this year but this moment is definitely in my top 5 of this year. At least top 10.

This is a story about a Pokémon and a couch, but in reality it is a story about friendship, teamwork, and Justine’s skinny fingers. I will miss being able to just walk right over to their house when they move (which I actively avoid thinking about) and being able to do random things together..

For further enjoyment, here is the full time lapse so you can see how many times the couch is flipped.