Photo Week #49
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Photo Week #49

Good afternoon, everyone! This past week was a tiring one (so much for giving up coffee) but a rewarding one. Nutcracker went well, despite a very shaky tech rehearsal – multiple people cried – and I have to say that I was very apprehensive on the first day of shows. But everyone pulled it together and sparkled literally and figuratively on stage (thank you costumes – honestly, the feeling of wearing a pretty bejeweled tutu is one that cannot be matched by many other clothing related experiences).

On Saturday, Jeremiah and I also trekked to San Francisco to watch both halves of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I say trekked because it was rainy and it was also Santa Con which made everything so crowded. I’m glad that I was able to avoid San Francisco during Dreamforce this year, but not so glad that I did not avoid Santa Con.

After reading the script-book, I was initially disappointed at the caricaturization of the characters and what I felt was a weak plot. But then I heard about how the production of it was better than the script-book made it seem, because obviously the written out portion leaves out a lot of visual things. And I have to say that those reviews were correct – I did appreciate it a lot more after watching it for myself. I liked all the little magical bits they added in and seeing the script performed made me appreciate the dialogue and the characterization more. It totally makes sense that Harry Potter would have a mid-life crisis. It was definitely a marathon viewing, since we watched both parts in the same day, but worth it.

And here is a picture of my brother pretending to be Elsa.