Photo Week #47
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Photo Week #47

Trying to break through some of my artistic frustrations of not creating anything recently by making steamed pork buns and a teddy bear.

Since I’ve switched to not gluten-free flour, my yeasted goods have risen successfully. No more gluten-free for me!!! (At least for bread like things…)

As a present for my niece Kiera, I made a crocheted teddy bear – a little floppy and a little crooked (I had to redo the muzzle after I sewed it on crooked the first time), but so cuddly I wanted to keep him for myself. His name is Conner, after James Conner, to keep with the trend of naming my stuffed animals after mediocre running backs. (My other stuffed animal is named Giovanni.)

The leaves have officially all changed over to yellows and oranges and reds. Hope everyone had a safe and fun Thanksgiving, and now here comes December!