Photo Week #45
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Photo Week #45

Whew, what an adventure the last few days have been to say the least. Last Thursday night, I started having contractions (I’d been having a few and just figured they were the fake Braxton-Hicks contractions) and decided to count them. I had about five or six in the hour, so we called the doctor and ended up driving to the hospital.

At the hospital, the nurse checked my cervix and lo and behold, I was 1 centimeter dilated. I’m only at 32 weeks right now, so this was definitely early… and so they decided to keep me overnight for more monitoring plus some medication.

In the morning I got checked again and I was even more dilated! So I had to stay in the hospital for longer for more shots and medication.

This was my sad breakfast. The eggs were so dry. They also gave me the breathing test thing that I saw in Hospital Playlist, haha. Anyways, what followed were a couple more days of hospital stay and just trying to make sure I didn’t keep having contractions. Thankfully the baby is looking healthy and okay and we were told that if I did go into labor, although the baby would have to go to the NICU, she is already at a good stage in her development! So that was a relief to hear.

Some more photos of my stay: Justine dropped off Third Culture mochi donuts and my parents brought by congee, which is exactly what I wanted after eating bland dry food.

I also felt so free when I finally got taken off an IV, and could use the bathroom more easily without having to unplug like five different things. I was also grateful the hospital TV had ESPN.

Lastly I also started crocheting a new stuffed animal and was sad when the yarn fell off the bed and I couldn’t reach it anymore. But I did make good progress! Will post a completed photo when I’m done.

Anyways, after four nights in the hospital, the doctor still wanted me to stay longer but they let me come home after I said I really wanted to be home, and they rechecked my cervix. I am not any more dilated, and now have to stay on a “modified bed rest” – basically lying down as much as possible and only getting up for bathroom and meals. It’s still better than the hospital though. I was able to shower last night!! I washed my hair three times.

The goal now is just to have baby stay in as long as possible. Prayers and good thoughts would be very much appreciated as we wait… Baby, I know we all want to meet you but just stay in a little longer!