Photo Week #45
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Photo Week #45

Somehow missed posting this yesterday – my apologies to the faithful readers out there. This week is going to be an odd, quiet week – my last week of work after three years, and I feel sick. Actually sick, since I have this weird sore throat that randomly started on Saturday and makes it feel like my throat is on fire every time I swallow. Please go away before vacation, please!

Thanks to Stacy, I got to partake in some fun Dreamforce activities on Monday night, which reminded me of how strange the tech world can be. Since she had to go to volunteer really early the next day I tried to take advantage of my last few days in San Francisco and sat quietly by the bay for a few minutes before I went to work. I tried not to take out my phone so I could have some non-tech times, and it was very difficult.

We treated ourselves and went to dinner at Liholiho, which I was happily impressed with – although maybe I just enjoyed the food even more because our reservation was at 10:30 pm and by that time I was pretty hungry.

I spent a good amount of time on Saturday in the lightbulb aisle at Target. I had no idea there were there that many options and I became very overwhelmed…. and then felt so defeated. By lightbulbs! (Thankfully, I wasn’t alone in my feelings – shoutout to friends who are also just as overwhelmed by lightbulb decision making!) So instead, I splurged on pretty, hip and rustic looking plates instead of buying classic Corelle plates and hopefully will not regret this decision.