Photo Week #43
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Photo Week #43

Or, the week of the wedding in which my to do list seemed to grow daily. Looking back, I think I did well in trying to just let things go during the last two weeks and be prepared to either not have a certain thing or to pay more money for it depending on the situation. Having that mindset allowed me to remember that ultimately it’s just one day in the grand scheme of things and what’s important is being able to enjoy the day and have fun with friends and family. Granted, it was a very beautiful and joyful day and I had SO much fun! Everything not only visually looked great (including the people – I’m very pleased with the hair and makeup team I ended up having and I felt like everyone felt comfortable in their hair and makeup which honestly is the goal) but it also felt like nothing really went wrong. Or at least, no one told me that anything went wrong so I’m just going to keep believing that.

The day went well in large part because of my beautiful bridesmaids. (Our neutral color scheme and shades of gray ended up looking a lot better than I expected it to… hahahahaha) They were there to make small talk, take portrait mode photos (thanks Cindy and iPhone 11), check on vendors, put on sun screen, calm me down after some angry tears, feed me japchae when there were no more hor d’oeuvres, and give me space to rest when I felt tired from socializing. They surrounded me with familiarity and comfort and I felt pretty relaxed around them!

I was reading this article about favorite wedding moments today and I was trying to reflect what some favorite wedding moments were… I don’t know if I have an absolute favorite but some moments that come to mind were the first look (where I cried), walking in to the Alan Parsons Project Sirius and the NBA on NBC theme song, and a live performance of Coffee Shop Girl. Also, seeing that my high school friends had pushed together their two tables to make one big table.

And did we even have Popbar if we didn’t boomerang it?

I am so grateful for everyone who came and celebrated with us – I managed to speak to most people (I think) because I did end up getting tired and didn’t stay on the dance floor the whole time, which was surprising to me but probably good for me to mingle with people. I am especially grateful for all the friends and family who helped out – my high school friends who I asked to help pick up things and set up and still managed to tailgate my wedding in the parking lot, my extended family who stayed up until 3am (!!!) the night before making all the bouquets, centerpieces, and boutonnieres, all the vendors and staff who worked together seamlessly – I know I’ll have remember this day with a lot of joy.

Glad to be on the other side of planning it, though. I DID IT!