Photo Week #43
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Photo Week #43

Another week, another post. And now we’re in the home stretch – less than two hands worth of these posts! This year seriously flew by, and it seems like just yesterday I was finishing up year one. Not sure if I’ll continue this exercise next year – I might want to challenge myself to do something a little differently. So far this year, I’m sad that I didn’t read more.

I realized today that I’ve been at my job (or at least with this company) for almost three years now – crazy, now when I apply to entry level jobs I sort of almost qualify for that ridiculous “3+ years of experience” requirement.

Guys, I think my love language is in hot water boilers. When I was living in New York, I cried tears of joy when two friends who visited gifted me a small water boiler after seeing that I was boiling water over the stove for my daily coffee (that year was a lesson in how many ways I could make coffee without an espresso machine or drip coffee machine). This past week, the very day I came downstairs and realized that Justine was 95% moved out – the percentage has been gradually increasing over the past few weeks – which meant that the water boiler was gone, she came over and graciously gave me this. Amazing. This is how I know God loves me. (Just kidding.)

I got the chance to eat at an omakase place this past week as well which was a very filling and yummy experience. I didn’t know I could feel that full after eating what seemed like not a lot, but thinking back on it we were given a lot of extra food thanks to our friend knowing the chef, and I’m glad that we went with him! It was odd, I remember thinking, “okay, I’m at about 70% full which is a great amount of full to feel” – and then one course later I was incredibly stuffed. But if I’m going to feel sick because of eating a lot of food, I guess it’s not such a bad way to go. This is just one of the courses that we ate – wagyu beef with some sort of sauce on top – it doesn’t look super appetizing when photographed but trust me, it was delicious!

Thanks to Southwest cheap tickets from LA to the bay and companion pass, we were able to be reunited for a few short but sweet hours. This blog and the photos I post really make it seem like I have no new friends, but I’m okay with it.