Photo Week #4
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Photo Week #4

Happy Chinese New Year!

I had the chance to introduce some of my coworkers to dim sum (and stuff my face in the process) and later that night ate a huge meal at home. Time to detox, haha. 

It’s been a long two weeks of commuting, with all the rain and darkness and everything, and I’ve found myself getting pretty beat down by it. I drove a new way to the freeway this past week and was rewarded by a beautiful view – but since I was driving I couldn’t take a photo. The next day I was still grumpy and the sky was all different shades of pink and blue – but then I also forgot to take a photo. So this is the third best photo I could have taken this week that hopefully will remind me that some people have it much much worse and commuting is not that big of a deal. 

I’ve thought up a lot of different things I want to write about (maybe starting with my trip to the MoMA – or maybe my thoughts on La La Land) but I’ve been too tired with work and commuting I haven’t had the chance. I need to find a way to enjoy work more – I cleaned my room on Saturday, New Year’s Day, and apparently according to tradition I’m going to be working the entire year. But if it’s something I like that should be okay, right?

Haha, it’s just a superstition, but it also does seem like this year will be a lot of work. Self-fulfilling prophecy? Maybe.