Photo Week #39
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Photo Week #39

It’s October! I was flipping through my calendar this morning and it’s unbelievable that there are only three more months left of this year… this strange year where I feel like a lot has happened and yet there was so much nothing that happened at the same time (referring to my long empty summer, of course).

This post is coming to you from the Martinez Superior Court, where I eagerly await to find out whether or not I have to be a juror (I am hoping I do not). This past week and weekend stressed me out a bit, even though all the things I was doing was fun. It just felt like I had overcommitted myself to too many things, which is what I was scared was going to happen. But it’s okay, I made it and I have to remind myself that I like being busy.

I went to the Norcal Night Market this past weekend and although it wasn’t a lot like the actual Taiwanese night markets, I still got to eat my grilled squid and get annoyed at the crowds.

Yeah, night markets aren’t really my thing.