Photo Week #35
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Photo Week #35

Happy Labor Day Weekend! I had one of those long weekends where you wake up on Tuesday with a sore throat and needing coffee, which means that I played too hard and stayed up too late. But it was worth it. After feeling pretty meh and blah the last few weeks, it was good to spend a lot of time with friends. It was bittersweet, though, knowing that after this weekend the next time I’ll see some of these people may not be until December, or even next year… but that just meant that we had to make the most of our time together!

We got lucky with great weather this past weekend, which meant that the outdoor wedding (#8 of the year!) felt just right. It’s funny thinking that just a year ago was the hottest weekend ever. In remembering that last year was the hottest weekend ever and there were a few weddings that weekend, we also remembered that it’s been about one year since Amazon bought Whole Foods. Happy anniversary, Amazon & Whole Foods.

A sampling of the fun foods I ate this weekend – homemade poke bowls, Blue Bottle, and a taco night meant to use up the hard taco shells that no one likes. Just kidding, taco shells are not that bad but given the choice I will always pick soft over hard taco shells. Also, look at the pretty flowers that Cindy gave me! Gladioli are my favorite.

Since we ate so much over the past weekend, we decided to be active and hike on Monday. It was more uphill than we all anticipated, but it was still a good way (and again, great weather!) to end the long weekend. And it also tells me that maybe I should get back to running…