Photo Week #33
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Photo Week #33

A week of productive wedding planning (aka I sent out the invites – finally!) and baseball.

On Friday night, Justine invited Jeremiah and I to go watch an A’s game with her church friends for Korean Heritage Night.

This game played until 13 innings and although halfway through the extra innings we wanted to leave because it was so cold, we got a second wind of excitement when the A’s loaded up the bases – and then struck out. But the A’s won and then we watched fireworks set to K-Pop music and it was amazing.

Yesterday, I drove all the way out to Modesto to watch a minor league baseball game. I had a prime seat (right by home base) and I loved the small town feel of it. All the way back on the drive I wondered if I could ever imagine myself living in a small inland town and ultimately I decided that I could not because of the jobs. And also I realized that I was the only Asian person I saw during the whole five hours I was there. It was still a nice feeling, though, to experience something small and local. Like Sweet Home Alabama, but Modesto and minor league baseball instead of Alabama and Civil War reenactments.

If you’re wondering, I did defrost and bake frozen biscuits this past week and just enjoyed one today. The ones that didn’t work as well in the first batch rose a lot higher after freezing and are just as delicious, which is a relief to me!