Photo Week #32
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Photo Week #32

Playoff NBA basketball is here!!!!! I know there were so many risks involved in restarting the NBA and ultimately maybe it wasn’t worth the risk to restart sports again… but I am still grateful that basketball is back. It makes things feel a little more normal. For a while we weren’t watching anymore TV shows (now we have moved on to Parks and Recreation, which has been just as good as the first time I watched it) because we just got tired of watching TV. But now that basketball is back our TV has been getting more use. Haha.

I made peanut butter cups this past week because I was craving something sweet – I’m too lazy to make the first three images into a gif (which was my original plan…) but I’m happy to report that there were defined layers of chocolate, peanut butter, and chocolate – and that’s all that I could have asked for. I always think that I can skimp on how many chocolate chips I melt, and I always should remember – make more melted chocolate than I think I need.

Every morning, James and I take Oliver for a walk and to play Pokémon GO. We generally go towards this one house that has many chickens in their front yard, as well as a pair of bunnies, ducks, and several goats. This past week, the matron of the house came outside and gave us zucchinis to feed the goats! And then she also gave us enormous zucchinis to take home (after asking us if we grew our own food… I’m not sure if she feels like that is a normal question to ask people living in the suburbs).

There was also a chicken that came rather close to us, and although I am much larger than a chicken it’s still a little weird to have a chicken come this close to you and not be scared at all.