Photo Week #32
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Photo Week #32

I am down to one last class on my 16 class pass, which is just another reminder of how much time has passed since I stopped working and got the luxury of being able to take morning dance classes. If I buy another 16 classes, then that will take me pretty much to the end of this year, and that is another scary reminder of how fast this year is passing by!

This past weekend I flew from one hot place to another, spending a short 36 hours in various parts of SoCal. I am trying to be less ignorant and not just lump everything into “LA,” because I’m like 99% sure that I wasn’t near LA. We walked down an alleyway where we saw four or five different individuals posing for photos so of course we judged. And then wanted to try. And then had more fun than expected, but also felt very awkward because what are you supposed to do with your arms and your legs to look cool and effortless?

And then it was time for wedding #7 of the year! It was quite hot during the ceremony and reception, and as I was desperately trying to finish my hair and makeup in 20 minutes I just gave up on doing my hair since I knew I was just going to put it all up anyways. But this wedding was a fun reunion, with friends from college that I don’t often see, and I had a lot of fun. And now on to the next one – which I was reminded this morning will also be entirely outdoors, so I will try and be more prepared and maybe bring a hat.

I saw this poor cute dog outside at lunch this past week, and this is a #mood. A “big mood”? I don’t really know how to use that phrase, but I think this is it.