Photo Week #29
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Photo Week #29

When there are events on the weekend, it feels like the whole week is just leading up to it – and then life happens so fast and the weekend is over and all of a sudden it's Monday again!

This past weekend was the rustic bridal shower of one's dreams – and I'd like to think it was a success! It was so sweet to celebrate my best friend and her upcoming marriage.

There were polaroids, pretty floral arrangements, burlap and succulents galore. And lots of yummy food, which should generally be the focus of any party in my opinion. (Not pictured: the large bag of hot cheetos we bought at Costco the night of set up….)

We printed out lots of old photos to add as decoration and someone added this photo – I don't remember taking it and I don't remember what we were laughing about but it's one of those photos that taps into my sentimental side to make me feel so fuzzy and warm inside. We all look so young and happy!