Photo Week #26
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Photo Week #26

Happy Birthday to me and America!

As the years have gone by, the quality of our July Fourth potluck/BBQ food has gone way up. It’s great. Jeremiah and I enjoyed leftovers today and it was preeeeettttyyy much just as good.

I also ate at Al’s Place with my family for my birthday, and the food there was also great. On my actual birthday, I ate Chipotle with the Wons. So basically, I spent my birthday and long weekend quite enjoyably.

As I’ve been telling some people, I now officially have half a year to be thirty and thriving before it becomes thirty and tired… but looking forward to it! For now, though, hoping that the second half of this year can be as filling and fulfilling as the first half. Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes! It made me feel very appreciated and loved.