Photo Week #26
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Photo Week #26

Happy July! My favorite month of the year. This July, I have to start paying for my own health insurance and pay outstanding taxes on 2015 income that I forgot to report. Yay!

My birthday celebration started off on Thursday, with candies and chocolates brought to me by my CEO’s daughters as a gift and a team outing for ice cream from Humphrey Slocombe in the Ferry Building. Followed that up with Korean BBQ in LA on Friday (no photos because I was too busy eating) and Somi Somi ube ice cream – so much deliciousness crammed into a short period of time!

Celebrated the wedding of two great friends this past weekend as well – it was a beautiful wedding and I definitely enjoyed myself dancing the night away. I’ve realized another hidden benefit of loving the dance floor is that I don’t have to socialize.

And of course, any weekend that I can spend with my best friends is a weekend well spent. Especially one where we can all be unashamedly basic with each other and take photos in front of photogenic walls. LA, you’re a special place.