Photo Week #23
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Photo Week #23

It’s been a roller coaster of a week but that’s okay. This post is late because after a week of not a lot, I had a very full weekend and Monday. On Saturday, I drove over 100 miles in one day – from home to Richmond and to San Ramon (to watch SRVDA’s June show, which was great!) and back to Emeryville and Oakland. Jeremiah and I finally ate at Elephant Sushi to celebrate our last dating anniversary (on our first date, we were supposed to eat at the San Francisco location but it was closed!! Haha.) and watched Dark Phoenix which wasn’t that great, but I’m glad I still watched it. Although afterwards we were both very disappointed.

On Sunday, we went to Golden Gate Fields for dollar days with Eva and Sam! The bets weren’t a dollar, but drinks and hot dogs were, and there were a lot less people than I expected.

I found out that I know nothing about horse racing, but I would go again.

The NBA finals, although being stressful, has the added benefit of bringing together friends on random weekday nights, although the past two losses were pretty sad – at least we got Popbar after one.

On Monday we had a repeat Boiling Crab night since that’s what seemed to work for our one win in Game 2, but it was heartbreaking to watch KD get hurt again… we’ll see what happens in the next game but for now it’s bittersweet to know that we at least have one more chance.

It was also #nationaldonutday, but they put my donut frosting side down at the store…