Photo Week #22
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Photo Week #22

Important Junie updates from this past week:

  • She knows how to say "cheese" for a photo now!
  • She continues to be a hangry monster. Except sometimes this leads to Mom giving her too many snacks which means she doesn't eat a lot at actual mealtimes... oops.

This past weekend was a bit rough for me... we did a lot of things, which was very fun but also very tiring physically and mentally - even without having to take care of a child I think it would have been very tiring. I ended up taking a nap at my parents' house on Sunday night which got me maybe back to 25% of energy and capacity, and hopefully today I can refuel back to 100%. I am trying to be okay with knowing I am the kind of person who needs to take a lot of breaks and needs a lot of help.

Lastly, hope everyone got some donuts on National Donut Day! Reader, do not worry, after feeling utter sorrow at this sign, Jeremiah and I ended up at Third Culture to get mochi donuts, and even got two free ones. So it worked out well for us in the end.