Photo Week #20
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Photo Week #20

What an eventful week! I had a fair amount of social engagements this week (thank you vaccines). I think this is a good pace for me right now. In my head I keep thinking that my June is going to be really busy, but in reality, I only have like one thing per weekend…. but I will try to keep it that way for now anyways. Don’t want to get burned out from socializing too fast.

The NBA playoffs have also started, which is an exciting time!

The Lakers and Warriors met first in a play-in game that ultimately ended in a Warriors loss, but it was exciting nonetheless. I also ate Chipotle during the game because I had been craving Chipotle and then got a “guac mode activated” message, so I felt like it was a good time to eat Chipotle.

Looking at the photo makes me want Chipotle again.

I saw friends this weekend for a dumpling party (and also the second Warriors play-in game, which sadly also ended in a loss) but I did not take any photos because I was too busy watching the game. And eating. But I did take a photo of friends outside of Boba Bliss, which has slowly risen the top of my boba store rankings. Boba Bliss, sponsor me.